Informed Consent

I’m Listening Counseling Services PLLC is run by Viola Schrantz MS, LMHC. Licensed in the state of Washington, LH61130702. I provide evidence-based mental health services for individuals ages 12 and up. The following information will provide you with explanations regarding my clinical disclosure, clinical approaches, client informed consent with law and ethics regarding client’s rights and confidentiality, costs and services provided, and client’s responsibility for payment..

Clinical disclosure

I hold a BA in Psychology and a BA in Sociology with honors from Ashford University (now University of Arizona). I hold a MA in Mental Health Counseling with honors from Capella University. I have certificates in peer counseling, WISe (wrap around with intensive services), trauma focused cognitive behavioral services (TF-CBT), gender affirming and queer care, and Telehealth services. Certificates and continued education are ongoing and this will be updated regularly.

Clinical Approaches

Identifying the whole person, I use evidence-based approaches to treat each unique individual. Building off the person-centered approach, therapy is designed to fit your mental health and personal needs. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, and solution-focused therapies that I use to support individualized care and treatment.

By agreeing to work with me you recognize that you are making the choice to be here. Making the choice to attend mental health therapy can sometimes be difficult. Attending mental health therapy should feel comfortable and safe. You have the right to end therapy at any time. This is your therapy and it is important that the therapeutic process fits you. This is your journey; I can be on this journey with you, listen, provide feedback, suggest exercises and give you tools, but ultimately this is the work you are doing for yourself.

I hold the right to suggest other mental health professionals that may work better with you or for you at any time. If I do not feel like I am a right therapeutic fit for you, I will do my best to communicate that with you, along with references to therapists/agencies who might be a better fit. I hold the right to end the therapeutic relationship if there are inappropriate behaviors (with references to other therapists/agencies). Due to the nature of telehealth, it is required that you are not operating a vehicle (driving), that you are not in a public location, and that you are clothed at all times during sessions (unless special accommodations have been made – there is a signed agreement between you and me that has been discussed and agreed upon). 

Client confidentiality

Client confidentiality protects private and personal information. Information shared in therapy, including the fact that you are in therapy, is protected by law. Sessions will remain private between you and the therapist, unless otherwise requested in writing or mandated to report (outlined below). I will do my best to protect your sensitive information. However, there are circumstances when it is required for me to break confidentiality. These include:

  • In event of medical emergency, I may give necessary information to medical personal.
  • If I am concerned you might harm and/or kill yourself, I will seek and notify appropriate supports.
  • If I am concerned you might harm and/or kill someone else, I will contact proper individuals and authorities.
  • If I hear of the abuse towards children, elderly individuals, and/or other vulnerable individuals, I will contact the proper authorities.
  • Court-ordered treatment that requires shared information

I will do my best to communicate with you if there is probable cause to break therapist/client confidentiality. However, be fully aware reporting may happen without communication and I cannot be held accountable for that.